"A photograph presents a single split second in time. In that frozen moment, when all the elements of photography are working; powerful subject matter, good composition, and most importantly uncommon light, the resulting image has the ability to reach deeply into the psyche of the viewer and evoke a strong emotional response. "
                                            Michael Ecton

About the Artist
  Michael's images range from the striking to the sublime, from muted colors to the graphically bold, all with a sensitivity to the nuances of light.
    Michael Ecton grew up in the wine country and north coast of California. His love of photography began in the early 1970s. Along with his deep love of nature, he used photography as a way of capturing and sharing his eye for beauty. After moving to Hawaii in 1976, he got his first photography job photographing tourists as they arrived in the islands. He also shot model portfolios, rock bands, weddings, and worked for the local newspaper. After spending a few years traveling and doing photography, he started showing his work at art festivals in 1979. He has continued exhibiting on the art festival circuit for the last 35 years, traveling and exhibiting in over 900 art and craft fairs, including these major national events:
      Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver
      Park City Arts Festival
     Las Olas Art Fair in Fort Lauderdale
     St Louis Art Fair
     Northwest Art Fair in Bellevue, WA
      His work has adorned countless homes as well as many corporate spaces.
   His work has also appeared in numerous magazines such as: Islands, Photographic, Sierra, Coast, Aloha, Wines and Vines, State Tourism of California, along with many other tourist and wine country publications.
       Over the years, Michael's collection of outstanding images have amassed to over 200,000 slides and digital formats. Subject matter ranges from architecture, wildlife including an amazing collection of hummingbirds, international travel, landscapes,  as well as a very extensive collection from the wine country and Northern California.

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